Epson DFX-9000 Network Dot Matrix Printer

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9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

Improved Efficiency, Proven Reliability

  • Fastest printer in its class
  • Speed: up to 1550cps (10cpi)
  • Prints up to 10-part forms
  • Optional network connectivity
  • 9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer


    High-Speed Reliability
    With speeds up to 1550 cps and an MTBF rating of 20,000 power-on hours (POH), the Epson DFX-9000 offers the power and durability to tackle the most demanding print tasks.

    Unrivalled Network Flexibility
    Fully networkable with Parallel, Serial, and USB interfaces standard, plus a Type-B slot for optional connectivity. The DFX-9000 attaches easily to new or legacy systems in standalone or networked environments. Setup is made easier with its convenient LCD display and intuitive menu selections.

    Ultra Versatile Paper Handling
    A robust, dependable workhorse, this 9-pin, wide-format printer boasts a 400-million-character print head life and 15-million-character ribbon cartridge, which minimizes production costs and reduces the need for frequent user intervention. Its advanced paper handling capabilities make it the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications, including critical spreadsheets, checks, invoices, bar codes and more. You can count on it to efficiently process everything from reports and 10-part forms to shipping documents or mailing labels.

    Featuring two standard paper paths, the DFX-9000 easily switches between multiple applications. Its intelligent paper sensor detects the paper width and thickness, adjusting automatically for optimum performance and high-quality results. It even features an automatic jam sensor to prevent wasting forms in the unlikely event of a paper jam.


      Technical Specifications

      Printing Technology:

      Print Method:Impact dot matrix
      Control Panel:9 buttons, 6 LEDs and 1 LCD
      Print Direction:Bi-direction with logic seeking
      Number of Pins in Head:36 pins (9 × 4 staggered)
      Control Code:ESC/P®, IBM® PPDS emulation

      Print Speed:

      High Speed Draft:(10 / 12 cpi): 1,550 / 1,450 cps
      Draft:(10 / 12 cpi): 1,320 / 1,320 cps
      NLQ:(10 / 12 cpi): 330 / 330 cps


      MVBF:133 million lines (except print head)
      MTBF:20,000 POH (25% duty cycle)
      Printhead Life:200 million strokes/wire

      Print Characteristics:

      Character Sets:13 International Character Sets
      Standard Version: Italic table, PC437(US, Standard Europe), PC850(Multilingual), PC860(Portuguese), PC863(Canadian-French), PC865(Nordic), PC861(Icelandic), BRASCII, Abicomp, Roman 8, ISO Latin 1, PC858, ISO 8859-15
      NLSP version: Italic table, PC437(US, Standard Europe), PC850(Multilingual), PC437 Greek, PC853(Turkish), PC855(Cyrillic), PC852(East Europe), PC857(Turkish), PC866(Russian), PC869(Greek), MAZOWIA(Poland), Code MJK(CSFR), ISO 8859-7(Latin/Greek), ISO Latin 1T(Turkish), Bulgaria (Bulgarian), PC774(LST 1283:1993), Estonia(Estonia), ISO 8859-2, PC866 LAT.(Latvian), PC866 UKR(Ukraina), PC860(Portuguese), PC861(Icelandic), PC865(Nordic), PC APTEC(Arabic), PC708(Arabic), PC720(Arabic), PCAR864(Arabic), PC863(Canadian-French), BRASCII, Abicomp, Roman 8, ISO Latin 1,PC858, ISO 8859-15, PC771(Lithuania), PC437 Slovenia, PCMC, PC1250, PC1251
      Bitmap Fonts: EPSON High-Speed Draft: 10CPI, 12CPI, EPSON Draft 10CPI, 12CPI, Proportional, EPSON Roman: 10CPI, 12CPI, Proportional, EPSON Sans Serif: 10CPI, 12CPI, Proportional, Epson OCR-B
      Barcode:EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128, POSTNET

      Paper Path:

      Pull Tractor:Front or Rear in, Top Out

      Paper Media:

      Continuous Paper (Single Sheet):Length: 76.2 - 558.8 mm (3.0 - 22.0 inch)
      Width: 76.2 - 419.1 mm (3.0 - 16.5 inch)
      Thickness: 0.065 - 0.10 mm (0.0025 - 0.0039 inch)
      Continuous Paper (Multi-part Forms):Length: 76.2 - 558.8 mm (3.0 - 22.0 inch)
      Width: 76.2 - 419.1 mm (3.0 - 16.5 inch)
      (Rear Entry) Copies: 1 original + 6 copies
      (Rear Entry) Thickness: 0.12 - 0.53 mm (0.0047 - 0.021 inch)
      (Front Entry) Copies: 1 original + 9 copies
      (Front Entry) Thickness: 0.12 - 0.79 mm (0.0047 - 0.031 inch)
      Labels:Base Sheet Width: 76.2 - 419.1 mm (3.0 - 16.5 inch)
      Base Sheet Thickness: 0.07 - 0.09 mm (0.0028 - 0.0035 inch)
      Total Thickness: 0.16 - 0.19 mm (0.0063 - 0.0075 inch)
      Continuous Forms with Labels:Base Sheet Width: 76.2 - 419.1 mm (3.0 - 16.5 inch)
      Total Thickness (Rear Entry): 0.065 - 0.53 mm (0.0025 - 0.021 inch)
      Total Thickness (Front Entry): 0.065 - 0.79 mm (0.0025 - 0.031 inch)
      Over Lapping Multi-part Forms:Base Sheet Width: 76.2 - 419.1 mm (3.0 - 16.5 inch)
      Total Thickness (Rear Entry): 0.13 - 0.53 mm (0.0051 - 0.021 inch)
      Total Thickness (Front Entry): 0.13 - 0.79 mm (0.0051 - 0.031 inch)
      Line Spacing:4.23mm(1/6 inch) or programmable in increments of 0.059mm (1/432 inch)


      Memory Buffer:128 KB
      Multipart Copy Capability:1 original + 6 copies (rear)
      1 original + 9 copies (front)

      Supported OS and Applications:

      Supported OS:Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/8.1/10 and Windows® NT® operating system Version 4.0
      Windows® 7 / 8 (32bit / 64bit) Ultimate / Enterprise / Professional
      Utility:EPSON Status Monitor4

      Dimensions and Weight:

      Dimensions (W x D x H):700 x 378 x 363 mm


      Options:Ribbon Cartridge (Black) - C13S015505
      Pull Tractor Unit - C12C800382
      Serial Interface Board (No Buffer Type-B) - C12C824432
      EpsonNet 10/100 Base Tx Int. Print Server - C12C824352

      Environmental Conditions (Operating):

      Temperature:5 to 35 °C
      Humidty:10 to 80 % RH

      Acoustic Noise:

      Acoustic Noise:58 dB(A) (ISO7779 pattern)


      Standard: Bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE-1284 nibble mode supported),
      Serial I/F, USB 2.0 (Full Speed) I/F, Optional Serial Interface Board (No Buffer Type-B)

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