FirstPower Rechargeable FP LFP Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA VRLA AGM (1 Year Manufacture Local Warranty In Singapore)

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FirstPower Rechargeable FP LFP Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA VRLA AGM (1 Year Manufacture Local Warranty In Singapore)


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FirstPower brings you not only reliable battery and technology, but also excellent services and real value you shall expect and enjoy. Compared with most other Chinese battery manufacturers, FirstPower can really supply customers with reliable batteries for various applications.



  • UPS (APC, MGE, Schneider Electric, Eaton, Delta, Emerson, Liebert, Toshiba, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Socomec)  
  • Fire Panel (Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Kidde, Mircom, Mirtone, Notifier) 
  • Emergency Exit light (LED, Halogen Tube, Fluorescent Tube)
  • Door Access (HikVision, Maxview, Chiyu, Soyal, ZK, Bosch, Suprema, Dahua)
  • Telephone system (Avaya, Toshiba, Panasonic, Cisco, Yeastar)
  • Electric Scooters (E-Scooters) (Razor, Micro, Madd Gear, Zycom)
  • Electric Bike (E-Bike)
  • Golf Cart (Caterpillar, EZGo, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Club Car, Yanmar)


Standard FirstPower Rechargeable FP Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA VRLA AGM

Design life: 3 ~ 5 yrs @ 20 degree Celsius for floating application

Download Datasheet (in PDF)


Long FirstPower Rechargeable LFP Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA VRLA AGM

Design life: 7 ~ 10 yrs @ 20 degree Celsius for floating application
Download Datasheet (in PDF)



firstpower sla sealed lead acid rechargeable battery

firstpower sealed lead acid rechargeable battery FP series

firstpower sealed lead acid rechargeable battery LFP series

What is the difference between SLA, VRLA and AGM batteries?

SLA and VRLA are different acronyms for the same battery, Sealed Lead Acid or Valve Regulated Lead Acid. This battery type has the following characteristics: Maintenance-free, leak-proof, position insensitive. Batteries of this kind have a safety vent to release gas in case of excessive internal pressure build up.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid VRLA battery. This is also a sealed battery. The valve regulating mechanism allows for a safe escape of hydrogen and oxygen gasses during charging.

The Absorbed Glass Mat construction allows the electrolyte to be suspended in close proximity with the plates active material. In theory, this enhances both the discharge and recharge efficiency. Actually, the AGM batteries are a variant of Sealed VRLA batteries, just a more advanced design. Popular usage includes high performance engine starting, power sports, deep cycle, solar and storage batteries. 

Features of FirstPower VRLA(AGM) Battery


The FirstPower VRLA battery uses an absorbed electrolyte system. All of the electrolyte is absorbed into the positive plates, negative plates, and the separators. Coupled with the use of special sealing epoxies, and long sealing paths for posts, FirstPower VRLA batteries have exceptional leak resistance, and can be used in any position.

Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation

There is no corrosive gas generation during normal use and no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or to add water during the service life.

High Quality and High Reliability

The FirstPower VRLA battery has stable and reliable capacity. The battery can withstand overcharge, over discharge, vibration, and shock. To assure this high quality and reliability, the batteries are 100% tested on production line for voltage, capacity, seals and the safety valve are 100% visually inspected before the final assembly process.

Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery

FirstPower batteries have exceptional deep discharge recovery and charge acceptance, even after deep or prolonged discharge.

Low Self-discharge

Because of the use of lead calcium grids alloy and highly purity materials. FirstPower VRLA battery can be stored long periods of time without recharge. The rate of FirstPower VRLA battery self-discharge on open circuit is less than 2% per month at 20oC/68oF to 25oC/77oF.

Long Service Life

The FirstPower VRLA battery has long life in standby or cyclic service.

Solid Copper Terminals

Ensures highest current carrying capability.

Tank-formed Plates

The initial capacity will be 100% and optimize cell voltage balance, due to the tank formation of the plates.

Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing

Ensures quality products through control of processes and standards.

UL and CE Recognized

UL approval, file No. MH28204
CE approval, file No. G2M20201-0102-E-16


General Features

  • Nonspillable
  • Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
  • High Quality and High Reliability
  • Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
  • Low Self-discharge
  • Long Service Life
  • Solid Copper Terminals
  • Tank-formed Plates
  • Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing
  • UL, CE, VdS Approved


Typical Applications

  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Electronic instruments
  • Fire alarm
  • Security devices
  • UPS power supply
  • Emergency lighting


International certifications

  • ISO9001 approval, FN: Q3105105131
  • ISO14001 CTC04912E10302ROM
  • OHS MS18001 04912S10150ROM
  • UL approval, FN:MH28204
  • CE approval, FN:G2M20201-0102-E-16
  • KS approval, FN:KS C 8519
  • VDS approval
  • BS approval



Battery Charging and Handling Precautions 

  • Never charge the battery in a sealed container.
  • Never disassemble the battery.
  • Never short-circuit battery terminals.
  • Never incinerate batteries, for they may explode.
  • Do not press and/or bend the terminals, or overheat them.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries together, neither use batteries of different types or brands.
  • Do not dispose of with household waste.
  • Be sure to use the specified charger for battery, and follow the charging instructions correctly.
  • Be sure to charge the batteries between the temperatures0oC/32oF to 45oC/113oF.
  • Be sure to position batteries securely, protecting them from abnormal shocks and /or vibration.
  • Be sure to keep sufficient space between batteries for ventilation (where possible>10mm).
  • Be sure to install batteries in a cool and well ventilated place.
  • The surrounding temperature must remain between-20oC/4oFto 40oC/104oF during storage.
  • Recharge the batteries at least every 6 months during storage.
  • Be sure to consult FirstPower engineers any time you are to use FirstPower VRLA batteries for your products, or preparing your technical specifications of FirstPower VRLA batteries.


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