Most notebook comes with their 720p built-in webcam. Usually, the quality and features of these webcam are quite basic.

Why buy external webcam?

“Why should I invest in an external webcam when my notebook has bulit-in one already?” Bulit-in webcams can be useful, but technical and cost factors can limit performance when compared to external or “plug-andplay” webcams.


Built-in Webcam

 External Webcam

Cost As the laptop/PC market is highly competitive, built-in webcams are likely to be basic. While they necessitate expense beyond a laptop or PC, external webcams are apt to have higher quality components that allow for fine tuning.
Size of Components Embedded webcams are typically small; small components directly impact the level of camera performance and image quality Since their design is not dictated by space constraints, external webcams typically have higher quality components, providing for better resolution, speed, fluidity, color balance, and noise reduction
Certifications Embedded webcams are often not designed to perform to certification standards for video calling platforms. Some external webcams are built to work seamlessly with top video calling platforms. The resulting certifications help ensure that cameras offer speed, performance, quality, and other enhanced features to enable a quality experience.
Heat Heat generated by a laptop can affect the sensor of an embedded webcam or increase noise in an image. External webcams are usually larger, with space around the circuit board to allow heat to disperse.
Lens Embedded webcams do not have room for a multipiece lens stack, so image quality may not be the best. Some external webcams have a multi-piece lens stack, greatly enhancing their level of image quality.
Field of View The field of view offered by embedded webcams is most suitable for one-on-one communications. External webcams typically allow for a wider field of view, so more than one person can participate at any endpoint.
Ability to Position Embedded webcams provide little freedom to adjust camera position and minimize the scene to one view, such as a face Being able to position and adjust a webcam as desired is integral to business-grade video calling. External webcams typically provide this functionality with varying clip technologies.
Stereo Quality Sound The quality of microphones embedded in computers varies, according to microphone location and the overall computer solution. Some external webcams have built-in stereo microphones offering a high definition-like audio experience.
Light Sensitivity Embedded webcams may not adjust or fine tune in lower light environments, causing reduced image quality Some webcams can fine tune in lower light environments to generate better quality images.
Focal Length (Focus/Defocus Ability) As embedded cameras typically don’t have multiple lens components, focal length is limited, making images in shorter distances not as crisp. Higher quality external webcams have autofocus and can adjust focal length for near or far so that the subject is always in focus


Differences between Logitech WebCam and others WebCam

Not all webcam are the same, Logitech Webcam are specially designer and engineered to give the best user experiences in terms of constrast, brightness, focus, colour and clarity.   

To sum up, webcams are an vital part of your company’s video calling solution. Great webcams can provide a means to enhance company communication and collaboration and reduce  travelling costs. Only great webcams offer you the experience of “like being in same room.”

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