PDF Software

PDF Software

Your business faces many challenges - staffing, overhead expenses, marketing, and much more. It’s a difficult task to balance these needs, and you deserve the best tools to develop efficient solutions.

Adobe invented the PDF (Portable Document Format) to solve a problem that dogged people for years: how to view and print documents without requiring the original software that document was created in or the fonts it uses. It wasn't meant to be a replacement for a word processor - it was a layout format for precise alignment of text and images.

Many programs can save documents in PDF format, and plenty can read them, web browsers included. But if you want to edit a PDF file, then you'll need an app which allows you to modify the file.

Maybe you've received a document in PDF form and need to make changes or you might only have a file in PDF format, having deleted or lost the original (editable) document. In all of these situations, you need a PDF editor.

Kofax Power PDF is the top PDF alternative when compared to Adobe and other software companies. With Power PDF you can save money, while improving each of the essential functions on which your business relies.

Tracker PDF-XChange Editor replaces the Viewer app, bringing with it some impressive features. It offers a similar set of tools to Foxit Reader, meaning you can create and annotate documents with ease. There's even OCR support for a few languages, including English, French, Spanish and German.

Tracker PDF-XChange Editor uses an interesting approach, in that around 60% of the features are free, but the rest require a paid license. This means you can explore it's capabilities first without having to invest any money. If you're lucky, you should be able to get all your work done for free.