Why buy from local ecommerce rather than Overseas Amazon, Ebay or NewEgg? - Win-Pro Consultancy Pte Ltd

Why buy from local e-commerce rather than Overseas Amazon, Ebay or NewEgg? 

These days, costs have become a large deciding factor when buying products online, especially when you are paying for the same product, there is very little visible incentive to buy the same item at a higher cost.

To help you make the best decision on your online purchases, we have laid out the points to take note when buying from Amazon (that's right Amazon!) instead of a local retailer.

2 years Local Warranty
When you purchase a product from us, you are also purchasing a greater peace of mind for two years. Just use the product to your heart's content! Minus the hassle and dread of international or overseas warranty.

Express - Fast Delivery 1-2 Business days
Waiting for 3-4 weeks for deliveries from Mainland China or pay $60-$80 Express 7-day shipping from the United States? That is not acceptable in today's fast-paced world anymore.

Dead On Arrival - Immediate Replacement within 3-4 weeks
Especially in the world of computing hardware. Receiving units that are dead on arrival is an uncommonly real issue (Even we do encounter this from time to time). It may take up to 2 to 3 months to get a direct replacement, counting from troubleshooting back and forth to confirm that the device is truly faulty.

In case of faulty equipment, to bear all shipping/handling costs from/to Singapore
A classic case similar to the point above. There are international warranties that do not cover the hidden fees such as shipping and handling costs that are incurred when sending and receiving to Singapore.

Potential Delay at Custom
More often than not, this happens to more complex devices such as Desktops and CPUs. There may be potentials delays during the declaration of equipment when the items cross the border and may take days to transition on local shipping. This is especially true for shipments from China.

Local Professional Services
Ever get stuck on the set-up portion of your new device? We have the professionals that maintain and set up the devices with for hundreds of our customers. Save your time and energy for the things that you care about more when you get our professional help. 

Different power supply (provide 110V instead of 220-240V)
Different power supply plug (provide US plug instead of UK plug)
Experienced users will know the need to buy travel adaptors and local power plugs to replace the foreign plugs that come from overseas. This oversight might cause a power outage or result in damaging pieces of equipment if not handled properly.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
If your purchase is more than S$400 then you will be subjected 7% GST. On top of that, you will need to pay the hidden administrative import tax of $10-30 by freight company.

In short, it is entirely possible to get the same products cheaper from overseas market. But do note of the hidden downsides that are mentioned above. It may be short-sighted to purchased solely based on costs without weighing in the potential inconveniences and pain when things do not go as planned.

We may not sell the lowest price in the market, but at least you'll be guaranteed a greater peace of mind on your every purchase. Happy Shopping! 🛍️