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Machine type models and specifications 

Q: Where can I find listings of current and withdrawn system machine type models and specifications? 

A: They are available for download here: 

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To access PSREFs for withdrawn products please visit



Q: How can I check the warranty status of my machine?  I want to confirm whether it is still in warranty, and what warranty upgrades may be in effect - onsite, ThinkPad protection, etc.

A: Go to the Warranty Look-Up. You can either key in your system’s serial number (if you know it) or click on Detect My Device. 

In the Search box type in Warranty lookup.

If you are checking on the warranty of your accessory and options, you can also do the same. 


Q: How can I register my device?
A: You can register your device(s) here.

Travel Service

Q: I travel frequently, and I want to be sure the system I have, or am going to buy can be serviced in the country or countries I travel to.  Where can I look to find this out?

A:  Please refer to the following links for information about International Warranty Service.

Q: When traveling, how will I know what number to call for service or support?

A: Refer to the Support Phone List to see what the service or support options for your system.


Q: What are the various warranty options available?

A: To view the various warranty options available, please visit here.
Lenovo Personal Computing Devices Warranty and Agreements
Lenovo Data Center Groups Warranty and Agreements
Lenovo Smartphones Warranty and Agreements
Other Lenovo Agreements


Q: Can I purchase a warranty extension or upgrade? What is the difference?

A: A warranty upgrade allow you to vary the level of service of your initial base warranty, as well as the response time for Service. A warranty extension can allow coverage for up to five years.

Note that you can only purchase a warranty extension before base warranty expires.

To purchase an upgrade or extension, please visit

Q: The warranty date of my device is incorrect. Why is this so, and how can I correct it?

A: This could happen if you had purchased your system from a retailer, business partner or reseller. Base warranty starts at the time the shipment was made by the retailer, business partner or reseller, to protect the product when it leaves the factory.

This date can be adjusted. Once the system is bought and registered the base warranty is deactivated. 

Should you encounter further issues, use this form to contact Warranty Support.

Q: Can I transfer warranty?

A: Warranty is tied to a system and not to a person.  International warranty coverage / eligibility can be determined based on product type via this page on our Support Page. 


Contact support

Q: How do I contact support?

A: Go to and choose appropriate option from the "Quick Links". For support contact information outside of your home country, see the FAQ items below. Support Phone List.

Q: Where is my local repair or Contact Center?
A: Please choose the link based on your region.

Service Provider Locator: Please Click here
Service Provider Full List: For all other Countries Click here
For Motorola Smartphone Service Providers, please click here.


Travel Service

Q: I travel frequently, and I want to be sure the system I have, or am going to buy can be serviced in the country or countries I travel to.  Where can I look to find this out?

A: Check if you are covered by International Warranty Service here.

Q: When traveling, how will I know what number to call for service or support?

A: Refer to the Support Phone List to see what the service or support options for your system.


Consumer support 

Q: Where can I find drivers and user manuals?

A: The Support site contains drivers, user manuals and other support material for Idea and Consumer notebooks. You can either manually key in your system’s serial number, or click on ‘Detect my serial number’ if you don’t know what it is.

Q:  Where can I download drivers and software for my machine?
A: ​Lenovo System Update supports ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation and Lenovo V, B, K, E Series

laptops and is used to install and update Lenovo drivers, BIOS and applications.
Watch the video: How to use Lenovo System Update
Visit our Support home page. Select your product > Click on Drivers & software > Select System Update.

Note: Lenovo recommends running Windows Update before using Lenovo System Update.

More videos on how to download software and drivers:



Q: I need to replace an FRU (Field Replacement Unit). Where can I download a service manual for my machine?

Determine if your system is still in warranty. If it is, please contact Support. 
If the system is no longer within its warranty period, see the following options.

 To purchase CRU/FRU Parts, first identify the CRU/FRU Part Number. CRU / FRU Part Numbers Lookup

Alternatively, visit the following URLs to get a preview of the latest accessories or parts:

Purchase Parts Online (US customers only)

Lenovo Smart Find (Others)


Q: How can I tell what parts my machine is made up of?
A: Be sure to have your MTM number and serial number handy. The parts lookup can be found here.


Q: How can I replace and remove parts of my system?

A: Remember to check if your system is still in warranty. If in doubt, please contact Service. To see how to replace and remove parts please visit this page for video instructions. 


Q. What's the policy on dead pixels?

A. To check on the various policies for different systems, please refer to the following links.

ThinkPad systems 

IdeaPad/ Lenovo laptops and tablets



Q. My machine is at the depot for repair.  How can I check on its status?

A. Repair operations vary from country to country. To check on your system’s repair status, please visit and key in “Repair Status”. A dropdown list of options will be available to you.


Q. My system has shipped, and when I look at the tracking status, I see "The shipment is being held by brokerage for reasons beyond UPS' control".  What's that mean?

A. That's normal.  It means it's coming through customs.

Q: How do I upgrade my version of Windows?
A:  You have to make sure your system can do so first. Check this list of Win 10 tested devices. If your system is on this list, please refer to the step-by-step procedure here .

Refer to this FAQ for Windows 10 upgrades and issues.


Q: How can I keep my tablet mobile device clean?

A: It is important to ensure that your tablet or mobile is clean and free of debris. However, care has to be taken when doing so to avoid damaging the product.

Please refer to this tip on how to do so.


Q: How can I keep my computer clean?
A: This tip is applicable to notebooks, All-in-One desktops, monitors and Tiny systems.
Please refer to this article

Q: How can I get the most out of my battery?

A: To extend battery life and use, please refer to the following tip. 


Q: What are some resources for Linux users?

A: Visit this one-stop compendium of Linux resources.


Q: What are some troubleshooting tips I should follow? 

A: Refer to this list of troubleshooting tips for your laptop or PC.


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