Here's an overview and mic test of two very popular bluetooth speakerphones, the Jabra Speak 710 and the Plantronics Calisto 7200.


Plantronics Calisto 7200


 Jabra Speak 710 


Plantronics Calisto 7200 Wireless Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone 207913-01

JABRA Speak 710 UC Wireless / USB-Conference Speakerphone 7710-409

JABRA Speak 710 MS Wireless USB-Conference Speakerphone 7710-309


up to 6 persons up to 6 persons

Total Talktime

up 6.5 hours up to 15 hours

IP 64 Dust & Water Resistance Rated

Yes No

Compatible with all major platforms: Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Zoom, etc - Neoprene Carry Case

Yes Yes

Locking  Mechanism Cable 

Yes, need to buy Kensington Lock separately No

Built-In Stand

No Yes

Pair 2 Speakerphones

No Yes

USB Cable

Plug-in cable Coil around the devices



Different Brands and Models



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