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Tracker PDF-Tools

Portable Document Format (PDF) is currently establishing itself as the most widespread and commonly-used format in both the online and offline world. It's used in almost every sphere of life and alternative formats are becoming obsolete. If you want to keep up with the pack then you need a method to edit and update your existing files - not to mention create new ones. PDF-Tools is the method for you. It's the only software you need for the creation and manipulation of PDF and image files. It can be used to convert files of almost any format to/from PDF, as well as perform a huge range of additional editing options. This is one of the most advanced and customizable PDF applications available worldwide – a dynamic and user-friendly solution for all your PDF needs. PDF-Tools is compatible with large PDF files and can also handle a huge number of files simultaneously – batch conversion is its strength.

There are sixty-eight Default Tools that can be used to convert, enhance and customize documents/document pages, as well as functionality to clone and edit these tools and their variables as you desire. Use the Actions Library to fully customize your tools and the Tool Actions Sequence to determine the order in which they perform operations. Combine seventy-five available actions to create your own tools - out of billions of possibilities.

No plugins required – just download, install and launch. All features are fully operational in the free version but they will create watermarks when files are converted. Please see below for an extensive list of available features and functionality


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