Logitech™ TV Mount for Rally Video Bars 952-000041 (2 years Warranty)


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Logitech™ TV Mount for Rally Video Bars 952-000041 (2 years Warranty in Singapore)

Logitech Video Collaboration Business Reseller in Singapore

  • Attach Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, or Rally Camera to almost any display with VESA mounting points.


    Float Rally Bar Mini or Rally Bar above or below a TV or monitor for a sleek installation and minimal footprint.

    Flexible and flush mounting depths and thoughtful cable routing

    Fits most displays with versatile swing-arm design

    Optimizes viewing angle for above-display installations with 10° tilt down adapter


    Adjust mounting depth by up to 50 mm to fit a wide range of display thicknesses and wall standoffs.


    With a versatile swing-arm design and industry standard VESA compatibility, TV Mount for Video Bars works with wall- and cart-mounted displays up to  248.92 cm in size (measured diagonally).


    Whether mounted above the display or below, thoughtful routing keeps cables securely connected and out of sight.


    General Specifications

    • Swing-arm design
    • Mount compatible devices above or below the display
    • Adjustable depth up to 50mm
    • Adjustable horizontal level +/- 1°
    • 10° video bar tilt down adapter for above-display angle optimization

    System Requirements

    • Rally Bar
    • Rally Bar Mini
    • Rally Camera


    • Wall or cart-mounted displays up to 98in (247.92 cm) with VESA mounting points

    Product Dimensions

    • Swing-arm length (max.):
      95 ft / 900mm

    Package Contents

    • VESA-compatible TV Mount
    • Mounting Plate for Rally Bar
    • Mounting Plate for Rally Bar Mini
    • Fasteners and mounting hardware

    Warranty Information

    • 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

    Part Number

    • 952-000041


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