Lenovo Thinkpad


There's a reason ThinkPad reliability is legendary and it starts with military-spec testing against extremes — our laptops more than endure the rigors of everyday life. Factor in the award-winning precision keyboard with its renowned red TrackPoint®, multitouch touchpad, ergonomic keys, and convenient multimedia buttons and we've got comfort covered too  

1) The 1st Alphabet will indicate the category type of the notebook.

  • X Series: Xtra-slim Ultra Portable 
  • T Series: Thin-and-light Performance
  • SL or L Series: Low-cost 
  • W Series: Workstation-class performance
  • E Series: Entry Level 

2) The 1st Number will indicate the size of the screen.

For example, X280 is a 12.5" screen Notebook. T480 is a 14" screen Notebook

3) The 2nd Number will indicate the generation of the CPU.

For example, X280 is a 8th Intel Processor that is released in 2018

The last alphabet of the model will indicate that it is sized up model

For example, T480s has more RAM and discrete Nvidia Graphics

4) Lenovo Thinkpad is the business grade notebook. whereas Lenovo Ideapad are the consumer grade notebook. Lenovo Yoga is the only model that is present in both grade.

Why Buy Lenovo Business Thinkpad over Consumer Ideapad?