Logitech Rally Mic Pod 989-000430 (2 years Local Warranty In Singapore)

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Logitech Rally Mic Pod 989-000430  (2 years Local Warranty In Singapore)

Logitech Video Collaboration Business Reseller in Singapore

Modular microphones with RightSound for Logitech Rally 

  • Auto-levels voices and suppresses noise for clear audio
  • Convenient mute control and indicator light
  • Premium materials look great in any room


Boasting a sleek, low-profile design and premium materials, Rally Mic Pods render remarkably clear, natural, conversational sound. Individual mic pods contain multiple beamforming elements that focus on active speakers while automatically eliminating acoustic distractions. Up to seven mic pods work together to form a beamforming mic matrix with consistent audio coverage for every seating position throughout larger meeting spaces.



Hear Every Voice Clearly

With RightSound technology and multiple beamforming elements in every individual mic pod, the audio focus is always automatically on the active speaker.

Expanded Coverage

Up to seven Rally Mic Pods can be daisychained together with a single cable connection to the Rally Table Hub.

Premium, Low-Profile Design

Rally Mic Pods are elegant and deceptively small for their remarkable range and sensitivity, with non-slip pads to isolate the microphones from table vibrations.

An Equal Voice

Rally Mic Pod listens for and equalizes every voice, so you can hear and understand those with softer voices or who are seated farther away


  1. Four microphones with eight beamforming elements provide a 15 ft (4.5m) pickup range
  2. 9.6 ft (2.95m) cable connects to Rally Table Hub, Rally Mic Pod Hub, or another Mic Pod
  3. Mute button with LED status indicator
  4. Technical fabric resists dirt and fingerprints
  5. Input to daisy chain with another Mic Pod


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