Seagate Expansion SSD 500Gb STLH500400 1Tb STLH1000400

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Capacity Size: 500Gb STLH500400
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Seagate Expansion SSD 500Gb STLH500400

Seagate Expansion SSD 1Tb STLH1000400


A Little Speed. All You Need.

Fast and ultra-small, Expansion SSD slips in your bag practically unnoticed, delivering sleek and easy external solid state backup for your laptop — just drag, drop and you’re done. 

Go Small. Go Anywhere.

“Go big or go home” doesn’t apply when toting around your files. After all, you’ve got places to go. This drive is smaller than your average external SSD so that you can fit it anywhere and high-capacity enough for a library of photos, videos and more. 

A Portable SSD for Photos and Videos

Busy days demand reliable durability. Not only is Expansion SSD ready, it’s boosted by solid state performance reaching up to 400 MB/s for seamless video streaming from your drive to your laptop and quick photo transfers. 

Drag and Drop for Windows and Mac

Zero software, nothing to install, just simple drag-and-drop file transfers.1 Expansion SSD is ready out of the box and works with both Windows and Mac.2 Like we said, it’s built for life on the go. So — let’s go.

Expansion SSD

What’s Included

  • Seagate Expansion SSD
  • 20 cm USB 3.0 cable
  • Quick start guide


Getting Started

Expansion SSD

One Touch SSD

One Touch SSD

Special Edition

BarraCuda Fast SSD

Texture Textured Plastic Woven Fabric Camo print Aluminium
Capacity 500 GB, 1 TB 500 GB, 1 TB 500 GB 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB
Windows & Mac √ (exFAT) √ (exFAT) √ (exFAT) √ (exFAT)
Customisable Backup - - -
Continuous Backup - Folder Mirroring
Max Data Transfer 400 MB/s 400 MB/s 400 MB/s 540 MB/s
Mylio - 1 year 1 year -
Adobe Photography Plan - 2 months 2 months

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