Lenovo USB 3.0 To DVI/VGA Monitor Adapter 0B47072 (1 Years Warranty In Singapore)

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Tech Specs

Part Number 0B47072
Length 700mm
Length US 2.30Feet
Interface Multimedia
Max Operating Humidity 90%
Min Operating Humidity 5%
Max Operating Temperature 40 C
Min Operating Temperature 0 C
Other Information PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS- Attach up to six adapters on one system- Attach VGA analog or Digital DVI monitor, projector- Plug and Play- Hot plug; attach or detach monitor without system reboot- Resumes from hibernation and suspend modes- 16, and 32-bit color depth supported at all monitor resolutions- Primary display, extended "stretched" desktop and mirrored "clone" desktop modes- Compatible with existing installed desktop video graphic cards- Compatible with integrated graphics monitor ports: Analog VGA, Digitial DVI, and DisplayPort- Each USB 3.0 to DVI/VGA Monitor adapter can be independently configured- Images can be rotated 90, 180, and 270 degrees- Attaches to notebook and desktop systems via USB3.0 or USB 2.0 bus-powered port- 700 mm detachable USB3.0 Standard-A to Micro- B cable- USB3.0 Standard-A plug attaches to the notebook or desktop system- Micro-B plug attaches to the USB3.0-to-DVI Monitor Adapter- Digital DVI monitors attach to the DVI-I receptacle connector on the- USB3.0-to-DVI Monitor Adapter- Analog VGA monitor attaches to DVI-to-VGA adapter that is connected to the DVI-I receptacle connector on the USB3.0-to-DVI Monitor AdapterMaximum resolutions: Up to 2048x1152, includes HD resolution
Depth 80 mm
Depth (US) 3.1in
Height 25 mm
Height (US) 0.98in
Weight 0.138Kg
Weight (US) 0.3 lbs
Width 50 mm
Width (US) 1.97 in
Warranty Period One year
Warranty Types Customer Replaceable Unit


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