Lenovo In-Ear Headphone 4XD0J65079 (1 Year Manufacture Local Warranty In Singapore)

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The Lenovo In-Ear Headphones provides great sound and value for nearly every on-the-go occasion. Enjoy the immersive full range of sound across all of your devices with the 3.5mm analogue connection, especially with your favourite ThinkPad notebook. Make crystal clear calls and take full control of your listening and voice experience with the inline microphone and controls that will work with most smartphones.

Move seamlessly between the office and home, as the Lenovo In-Ear Headphones keep you connected across your favourite ThinkPad and smartphone devices. Their minimal lightweight design feels comfortable in the ear for extended periods of time.

Enjoy the versatility of compatibility across all Think PCs with the analogue 3.5mm connection; In-Ear fits comfortably inside the ear canal, with 3 silicon tips; Lightweight design allows users to carry it with them

    Tech Specs

    Depth (US) 51.18in
    Weight (US) 0.03 lbs
    Depth 1300mm
    Weight 0.02Kg
    Min Operating Humidity 20%
    Max Operating Humidity 90%
    Min Operating Temperature -5C
    Max Operating Temperature 40C
    Supported Operating Systems OS Independent
    Warranty Types 1 Year - CRU
    Warranty Period One Year


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