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Our WordPress Technical Support Team has been our main pillar in our numerous successful Website development and design. When you work with us you’ll get speedy WordPress support and we’ll always exceed your expectations. In many cases, we might know your website has an issue before you do and we would have already started on resolving the problem before you inform us.


Common WordPress Technical Issues

  • “Internal Server Error” – misconfiguration wordpress
  • White Screen of Death – wordpress crash after wordpress/wordpress plugin upgrade (due to compatibilities issues of wordpress, plugin, themes)
  • slow website loading
  • “Error establishing database connection” – failure to upgrade successfully.
  • web form not working
  • cannot receive email from web forms
  • backup/restore is not working
  • cannot access wordpress admin page
  • WordPress security is compromised
  • WordPress is infected with malware
  • Images cannot display or show on web
  • Cannot add or remove plugin/theme
  • Fatal Error – not enough memory
  • Forget admin username and password
  • “Briefly unavailable for schedule maintenance. Check back in a minute” – cannot load wordpress
  • Connection Timed Out
  • slow loading pages


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