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Server Premium Security Package

What is ServerLink?

Since, it is COVID-19 now, many people are working from home. They cannot access to their office application securely.

​ServerLink is a valuable remote access tool, it enables you to connect to your server in your office via your web browser

With Serverlink, you can continue to work your ERP, Accounting, Payroll or Time-Attendance software from anywhere, anytime on any devices.

ServerLink is a great option to buy now. More, only one single port is requested to open web session and automatically ServerLink WEB recognize automatically the server address and the port number from the user browser (HTTP or HTTPS). Many features like web print, inside/outside browser, seamless application from the web are included. ServerLink WEB is outstanding any other technology to web-enable existing legacy Windows application. 

ServerLink Annual Subscription allows you to enjoy the version upgrade from update release and re-Host of an existing license.  The Annual Support and Updates warrant you the right to download all software new release and updates, as well as re-host of license within the stipulated period of 12 months. This bundle warrants you the hassle-free remote access server with Internet security. 

Features & Benefits 

Using the ServerLink WEB option, administrators can publish standard Windows-based applications via a Web page. This is especially useful for frequently updated, hard-to-distribute applications; applications that are infrequently used by a large number of users; or for cases in which large amounts of data must be manipulated over low-bandwidth connections. ServerLink WEB provides the following benefits:

  • Users do not have to manually download and install the client.

  • Administrators can send a URL to users, rather than the entire application.

  • Administrators can quickly change a Web page to point users to a new or updated application on the same or different server.

  • Users or administrators can roam to a different desktop and quickly access an application or desktop by simply knowing a URL if any application is ever updated, users will automatically pick up the new version when they navigate to the Web page.

  • Support both HTTP and HTTPS.

  • Support a Java based Universal Printing functionality.

ServerLink WEB provides significant benefits to the following groups:

  • Users who need to access JWTS server hosted applications from ‘unmanaged’ devices.

  • Administrators seeking simple ways to distribute Windows based Windows applications.

  • Systems Administrators who manage Windows servers using the a Web Access feature. 

Package Components

  • 12 months subscription of software upgrades
  • 12 months software support
  • RDS Advanced Server Security Ultimate
    • Geo-Restriction for RDP
    • Prevent Brute-Force attack
    • Working Hours restriction 
    • Permission (Folder access permission)
    • One-Click to Secure Desktops
    • Per-User Device End-Point protection
  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) 
  • Installation and Configuration for Server and Users


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