QNAP 2 x RJ-45 10gBe Ports PCIe 3.0 x 4 card. for NAS, PC & Servers (QXG-10G2TB) (2 Years Manufacture Local Warranty In Singapore)

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QNAP 2 x RJ-45 10gBe Ports PCIe 3.0 x 4 card. for NAS, PC & Servers (QXG-10G2TB) (2 Years Manufacture Local Warranty In Singapore)

Two 10GbE ports, supports up to five speeds (10GbE / 5GbE / 2.5GbE / 1GbE / 100MbE), and maximizes your NAS and PC network connectivity.


The QNAP QXG-10G2TB is a PCIe Gen 3 (compatible with PCIe Gen 2) 10GbE network expansion card with a Marvell® AQtion Controller AQC113C that supports up to five speeds (10GbE / 5GbE / 2.5GbE / 1GbE / 100MbE). The QXG-10G2TB achieves up to 10Gbps transfer speeds, accelerating file sharing and intensive data transfer. Highly energy efficient and cost-effective, the QXG-10G2TB provides a high-performance entry-level 10GbE solution.

Build a 10GbE Network Environment

Use the QXG-10G2TB with QNAP’s 10GbE switches to build budget-friendly high-speed network environments.

Supports Windows and Ubuntu

As a PCIe-based solution, the QXG-10G2TB is also compatible with Windows® 10 ( driver required) and Ubuntu® ( driver required) servers and workstations, allowing you to attain optimal business performance for a wider range of system applications and services.

Hardware Specs

Dual-port, 5-speed 10 GbE network expansion card

Controller Marvell AQtion AQC113C; Driver download: From Marvell AQtion (not required for QTS)
Number of Ports 2 x NBASE-T (RJ45)
Connector NBASE-T (RJ45)
PCIe and Lanes PCIe 3.0 x4
Transmission Rates 10Gbps/5Gbps/2.5Gbps/1Gbps/100Mbps
IEEE Standards IEEE 802.3an
IEEE 802.3bz
Bracket Low-profile bracket pre-installed; full-height and specialized (for selected QNAP NAS) brackets are bundled
Supported NAS operating systems QTS 4.5.4 /QuTS hero h4.5.4 or later (recommend an upgrade to the latest version); Windows 10/11 (Driver required)
Supported QNAP NAS Models with PCIe slot(s) (1 free slot required)
Support Ubuntu Commercial Linux Distribution Linux 3.10 and higher
Support RedHat Linux 3.10 and higher
Support Windows Windows 10/11 (32-bit/64-bit)
Support Debian Linux 3.10 and higher
Port and Cable RJ-45; over CAT-6 class cable
Package Content 1 x Network card; 1 x QIG; 3 x Brackets

Note: Use only QNAP memory modules to maintain system performance and stability. For NAS devices with more than one memory slot, use QNAP modules with identical specifications.
Warning: Using unsupported modules may degrade performance, cause errors, or prevent the operating system from starting.
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