Win-Pro Professional Services - NAS Diagnostic Services Qnap (Remote)

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Professional Services - NAS Diagnostic Services Qnap (Remote)

Common Qnap Issues/Problems


  • Can I rename, disable, or replace the default "admin" account?
  • Should I disable unused ports and services on my QNAP device?
  • Why do QNAP mobile apps and utilities need to confirm my current location?
  • How to restore shared folders after resetting a QNAP NAS to default settings?
  • How do I reset the administrator password of my NAS?
  • What should I do if my NAS reports "File system is not clean."?
  • How do I fix login issues for QTS / QuTS hero?
  • Why can't I access USB drives attached to a NAS running QES?
  • Why can’t I upload files with file names of more than 83 Chinese characters (or more than a certain number of other characters)?
  • What should I do if the FTP client log shows a connection terminated error while externally connecting to QuFTP?
  • Why cannot I sign in the NAS remotely over myQNAPcloud but I am still able to login to my NAS with my desktop browsers?
  • What are best practices for enhancing NAS security?
  • Why does ABSE and ABE not work in File Station?
  • Why can't I find the real-time file backup function in QES?
  • Why did my NAS fail to join an AD domain with a "Failed to lookup DC info for domain over RPC" error?
  • How can I restrict users from deleting files and folders?
  • How do I fix an invalid domain or invalid email address when adding a Microsoft 365 domain?
  • Why can't I see my NAS's shared folders in Windows File Explorer after installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709)?
  • Why do I receive the "Unable to get the access token" error when backing up SharePoint data to Boxafe?
  • Why can't I download HTTP or BT files in Download Station?
  • USB Firmware Recovery Guide for TS-328, TS-x28A series, TS-x30 series and TS-x33 series NAS
  • What is System Reserved space?
  • What does "Current Pending Sector Count" in S.M.A.R.T. information mean?
  • How do I replace a faulty disk in a RAID group?
  • My cloud storage is full and won’t let me update my files through HybridMount. What should I do?
  • Why can't I access shared folders with SMBv1 after updating to QTS 5.0.1 or QuTS hero 5.0.1?
  • How can I hide a shared folder from Windows networks?
  • Why is my NAS status incorrectly reported in Q'center?
  • Why IMG of virtual machine won't reclaim size after I deleted files in it?
  • Why can't I use my PCIe/NVMe SSD for storage?
  • Why can’t I set the home folder as a content source on the Multimedia Console for a smart album in QuMagie or Photo Station?
  • Why can I not sync some files to cloud services?
  • How can I imitate a high availability (HA) setup on two QNAP NAS devices?
  • Can I combine multiple Ethernet ports to increase the network performance of the NAS?
  • How do I include extended attributes in HBS backup and sync jobs?
  • How can I switch my NAS from QuTS hero to QTS?
  • How to recover Firmware for AL(Annapurna Labs) based NAS
  • What should I do when the status of a QES NAS storage pool is “Degraded”?

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