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Remote Support Services is the service offering to end users facing IT issues, provided by IT Support Engineers. It is triggered by running a client-support software. The most common software used is Teamviewer. It allows engineers or technicians to access their customers’ systems to provide various services such as tool updates, patch installation or application performance evaluations.


Why Remote Support Services?

  1. Speed – Faster response and turnaround time
  2. Availability –  Engineer can connect to end user anytime and anywhere
  3. Profitability – save travelling and other-related expenses
  4. Efficiency – over 90% IT issues can be resolved remotely
  5. Knowledge Sharing – Both the end user and engineer share the same screen and working interactively in real-time
  6. Customer Satisfaction – Customer resolution time is shortened and get back to work faster

In some cases, If remote support services failed to address end user issue, then IT Desktop Support (Onsite)  services can be escalated


What is IT Desktop Support Services?

IT Desktop Support Services refer to a range of services that are provided to help users troubleshoot and resolve issues with their desktop computers, laptops, and other related hardware and software. These services can be provided on-site or remotely, and may include installing and configuring operating systems and applications, diagnosing and fixing hardware and software problems, and providing technical support and guidance to users. Some common tasks that may be performed by IT desktop support technicians include:

  1. Installing and configuring operating systems, applications, and updates
  2. Troubleshooting hardware and software problems
  3. Providing technical support and guidance to users
  4. Managing and maintaining user accounts, permissions, and access to systems and resources
  5. Providing training and support for new users
  6. Maintaining inventory and documentation of hardware and software assets
  7. Performing backups and recovery of data and systems

IT desktop support services may be provided by an in-house IT team or by an external vendor. They are often an important component of a company's IT infrastructure and can help ensure that employees have the necessary tools and support to do their job effectively.

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