Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset With Charging Base 9559-583-117(2 year Local Warranty in Singapore)

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Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset With Charging Base 9559-583-117 (2 year Local Warranty in Singapore)

Wireless convenience with a sleek docking station 

Jabra Engage series is engineered to be the world’s most powerful professional wireless headsets. It features industry-leading wireless performance and density, advanced noise-cancelling microphone for crystal-clear calls and all-day talk-time and integrated busylight.

The Jabra Engage 75 is an entirely new class of DECT wireless professional headsets engineered to boost customer satisfaction.

Industry-leading wireless performance
Work away from your desk and still maintain a wireless connection that won’t let you, or your customers, down. 150 metres DECT wireless range. 3 times more users in the same office space.

Overcomes wireless capacity issues
The Jabra Engage series enables 3 times as many people to work wirelessly in the same office space. Previously, if large numbers of wireless headsets were used within a limited area, users could experience less-than-optimal audio quality due to density (capacity) issues. With Engage you can connect 3x as many users without impacting the call experience.

Crystal-clear calls
An advanced noise-cancelling microphone and enhanced speakers deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy offices. Meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements.

Constant sound levels throughout the day
Speaker software separates noise from speech, reducing user stress. All incoming calls can be adjusted to a user-defined sound level that stays constant for all-day comfort.

Takes security in wireless calls to the next level
Patented pairing. 256-bit AES encryption. 128-bit authentication. Authentication between headset and base is established with 128-bit level technology compared to the category standard 64-bit. The wireless connection is secured using 256-bit AES encryption – giving a line of defence that goes beyond that of DECT Security Level C.

Fewer interruptions
The busylight acts as a do not disturb sign for colleagues.

All-day battery life
Up to 13 hours of talk-time - and when you do need to charge, the fast charge feature powers the headset to 40% in just 30 mins.Charge time: 40% after 30 min and 100% after 90 min. Talk-time is up to 13 hours.

Connect to up to two devices simultaneously
You can connect to a deskphone and softphone.

Modern base, small footprint
Intuitive touch-screen base for ease of use, showing connected devices, battery life and call controls.

Choice of wearing options to suit every workstyle
Mono, Stereo and Convertible. Soft ear cushions and additional padding on the headband provide all-day comfort and a secure fit.

Premium usability and build
Easily answer and end calls, mute and adjust the volume using the intuitive controls on the headset.

Key Features

  • Jabra Engage 75 wireless headsets feature:
  • Up to 150m/490ft range
  • 3x wireless density
  • Advanced noise-cancelling microphone
  • Enhanced speakers with intelligent volume control
  • Up to 13 hours talk time
  • Integrated busylight
  • Connect up to 5 devices

Technical Specifications

  • Battery time (Stereo & Mono): 13 hours
  • Battery time (Convertible): 9 hours
  • Wireless range (Stereo & Mono): 150 metres / 490 feet
  • Wireless range (Convertible): 100 metres / 330 feet
  • Connect up to (Stereo & Mono): 5 devices
  • Connect up to (Convertible): 5 devices
  • Wearing style (Stereo & Mono): Over-the-ear stereo and mono
  • Wearing style (Convertible): Choice of earhook, neckband or headband

What's Included

  • Jabra Engage 75 Stereo
  • Charing base station
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Deskphone cable
  • Quick Start guide



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