Dropbox Sign WebApp Standard - 2 licenses included (Annual) (Pre-Order Lead Time 1-2 Weeks)

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Dropbox Sign WebApp Standard - 2 licenses included (Annual) (Pre-Order Lead Time 1-2 Weeks)

Discover what you can do with Dropbox Sign

Sign Word documents

icon lock

Securely collect data

Sign PDFs

Sign PDF documents

icon signature

Signature maker

icon signed document

Request binding

icon multiple folders

Organize your documents

icon pdf

Sign contracts in a flash

icon custom signatures

Create custom signatures


Dropbox Sign package features



Dropbox Forms

Unlimited signing


2 or more  5 or more

Tamper-proof documents


Google Drive, Microsoft Word , HubSpot , + more Google Drive, Microsoft Word , HubSpot , + more
Unlimited signature requests


Signer fields w/ data validation


15 Unlimited

Signer attachments

In-person signing

Template links

Customer support

Email Email and paid options

Audit trail


Multiple languages

Reminders and notifications

Admin console and team features


Bulk send


Select integrations2

Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint,+ more Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint,+ more
SMS authentication

Single sign-on (SSO)


Advanced signer

fields X
Advanced signer tools

Advanced reporting


Data residency




Electronic ID (eID)


Performance dashboards



What is Dropbox Sign used for?

Dropbox Sign is used by individuals and businesses to get documents signed online, quickly, easily, and securely. Dropbox Sign eSignature is legally binding, making it an essential part of any process that is obliged to stand up in a court of law and adding real value to your agreement workflows. Users are able to track the progress of signature requests, send reminders to signers, and view all signed documents in one place. It enables you to turn your paperwork into tangible business tools, with automated steps built in. With Dropbox Sign, you’ll spend up to 80% less time pushing paper and more time cultivating your business so that you can deliver your craft to those who matter. Additionally, the ability to customize and embed eSignature into your product or workspace enables more automation, with less friction or context-switching.

Dropbox Sign integrates with a variety of popular tools you use on a daily basis, helping to simplify your agreement workflow and prevent you from having to switch between applications. Dropbox Sign integrates with popular CRM, file storage, and productivity tools to provide a huge range of additional benefits. These include Dropbox, Microsoft, SharePoint, Salesforce, Google Drive, and HubSpot. Find out more about Dropbox Sign integrations.

You can get access to all of the key paid features of Dropbox Sign, free, for 30 days. There is no obligation to sign up for a paid account at the end of the trial period and we won’t charge you should you decide to end your trial within the 30-day period. And if you would like to continue accessing Dropbox Sign, we have a free package available, allowing for up to three signature requests a month. Get started for free.

Dropbox Sign works by allowing users to upload a document that requires signatures, with drag-and-drop functionality, meaning that the areas to be signed are effectively highlighted. The user then adds the signer’s email address and clicks to send the document off for signature. Signatories are provided with regular reminders until they sign and the document’s history can be easily managed from one place. Discover more in our online demo video. If you like what you see, why not sign up for a custom live demo with a member of the team?

Getting started with Dropbox Sign is easy (and free). You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, allowing you to experience all of the benefits and features that the platform can provide, with no obligation to invest in a paid plan. In just a few clicks you can be downloading common form templates, adding signature boxes wherever you need, and sending them out to recipients for signature.


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