T-POWER 12V 60W Charger for Synology DiskStation 2 Bay NAS DS218+ DS218J DS216J DS216II -EOL

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T-POWER 12V 60W Charger for Synology DiskStation 2 Bay NAS DS218+ DS218J DS216J DS216II -EOL


  • T-Power Made with Brand-new, Input: AC 100V - 240V , Output : 12VDC (60w) , WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage 4TB 8TB 12TB 16TB NAS , WA-36A12 WA-36A12FU WA-30B12 WDPS072RNN WA-24E12 WA-24Z12FU
  • Compatibility: Synology DiskStation DS218+ DS218J , Synology DiskStation DS115J, DS416slim, DS216+II, DS216J, DS216play, DS216s , Synology DiskStation DS213 DS213j DS213AIR DS213+ NAS 2-Bay NAS Server , Synology Diskstation DS214 DS214+ DS214SE DS214PLAY Disk Station NAS Server
  • WD My Book - Essential Elite Studio Expander Mac Editions ; PN S018BU1200150 DA-24B12 ADS-24P-12-2 1224G WA-24C12U WD6400H1U WD7500H1U WDH1U5000N WDH1U6400N WDH1U7500N WDH1U10000N WDH1U15000N WDH1U20000N WDH1U5000E WDH1U6400E WDH1U7500E WDH1U10000E WDH1U15000E WDH1U20000E WDH1U5000A WDH1U6400A WDH1U7500A WDH1U10000A WDH1U15000A WDH1U20000A WDH1U10000S Wd2500,032 Wd25001032 Wd25001032-001 Wd2500b012 Wd2500e032
  • WD Western Digital My Book : WD2500B011 WDBAAF0010HBK-01, WD10000H1NC-00 1, WDBAAU0010HBK-UESN, WDG1U4000N, WDPS034RNN, WDPS037RNN, WDPS040RNN, WD1200B002-RNE, WD1200B002-RNN, WDBBGB0040HBK-NESN, WDBBGB0080HBK-NESN PN S040EM1200300, S018EM1200150, WA-18G12K, WA-18H12, DA-36G12, DA-36J12, DA-42J12, DA-48M12
  • Western Digital WD My Book WD10000EB035 WD10000H1U-00 WD1600B007 WD5000C032-002 WDBAAF0010HBK-NESN Western Digital External Hard Drive Wd 500gb 2tb My Book , PN Da-24b12 S018em1200150 Wa-18g12k Wa-18h12 ESSENTIAL WD2500I032-0 WD1600H1U-00 WD3200H1U-00 WD5000H1U-00 Seagate WA-18G12U Seagate Blackarmor Ws 110 ,WDBAAG0020HCH-02 WD800B008 Western Digital Wd Tv Live Hd Media Player WDXU800BBRSK WDXUB1200BBNE WDXUB1200BBNN WDXUB1200BBNU WDXUB1600BBNE WDXUB1600BBNN WDXUB1600BBNU Western Digital WD TV

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