Samsung 27" Essential Monitor S3( LS27C330GAEXXS) (3 Years Manufacture Local Warranty In Singapore)

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Samsung 27" Essential Monitor S3( LS27C330GAEXXS) (3 Years Manufacture Local Warranty In Singapore)

  • The IPS screen provides enriched viewing experience.
  • Seamless gaming experience with AMD FreeSync, 100Hz refresh rate and Game Mode.
  • Comfortable Eye Care with Eye Saver mode and less screen flickering

Stay productive, stay comfortable

There is a woman working with a monitor.

Vivid colours across the whole screen

IPS Panel

Experience gorgeous colours across the entire display with the IPS panel. Colours remain bright and clear across the screen, even when you change angles. Tones and shades are represented consistently and beautifully with less colour washing.

Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Smooth performance for your content

100Hz Refresh Rate

Stay in the action when playing games, watching videos, or working on creative projects. The 100Hz* refresh rate reduces lag and motion blur so you don't miss a thing in fast-paced moments

There is a monitor, and a car on the monitor screen is coming out of it.

* Default refresh rate is set to 60Hz, and may be adjusted to 100Hz in the monitor's settings.
Image simulated for illustrative purposes

Stay in sync with the action

AMD FreeSync

Superfluid entertainment experience. AMD FreeSync keeps your monitor and graphics card refresh rate in sync to reduce image tearing. Watch movies and play games without interruptions. Even fast scenes look seamless and smooth.

Image simulated for illustrative purposes only.

Game Mode

Gain the edge with optimizable game settings. Colour and image contrast can be instantly adjusted to see scenes more vividly and spot enemies hiding in the dark, while Game Mode adjusts games to fill your screen with a more detailed view.

When the Game mode is off, the image looks darker, and hard to find the target. On the other hand, when the Game mode is on, the contrast of the image is adjusted, and therefore it is easier to find the target.

Image simulated for illustrative purposes only.

Keep it easy on the eyes

Eye Saver Mode & Less Screen Flickering

Care for your eyes and stay comfortable, even during long sessions. Advanced eye comfort technology certified by TÜV reduces eye strain by minimising blue light and reducing irritating screen flicker.

There are two monitors, and the left one flickers and emits blue light since the Eye Saver Mode is off. The right one is less flickering and does not emit blue light as its Eye Saver Mode is on. Above them, there is a TUV certification logo for Flicker Free and Low Blue Light(Software solution). There are '' and 'ID:1111270001' at the bottom of the logo.

Versatile connectivity

HDMI & Display Port

Connect to more. Plug devices straight into your monitor for increased flexibility, making your computing environment even more convenient.

Image for illustration purposes only.


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