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Kaspersky Tech Titan USB Anti-Virus

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Tech Titan USB Anti-Virus - Protection on the move

External USB storage is known as the TOP VIRUS CARRIER that can be easily transferred to your PCs.TECH TITAN USB Anti-Virus is designed to protect your external USB storage. It is a unique portable security solution that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

  • USB drives can spread virus
    USB drives are known as the TOP VIRUS CARRIER viruses from PC's with "cyber diseases" can be easily transferred through USB drives.
  • Personal data and information being stolen
    Misplacing and losing your USB drives that contains PERSONAL DATA or information could be stolen and misuse if being dropped into the wrong hands.
  • Work and businesses being affected
    Viruses transferred from USB drives could affect the data processing systems of the Company or its business partners and could damage BUSINESS REPUTATION and adversely affect financial and results of operations.

License:1 years