Noble Locks Compact T-Bar Lock with Barrel Key (Acer Asus) NG04T (2 Years Warranty In Singapore)

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Noble Locks Compact T-Bar Lock with Barrel Key (Acer Asus) NG04T (2 Years Warranty In Singapore)

The Noble NG04T Compact T-Bar Lock is the perfect solution for laptops featuring a T-Bar lock slot and other peripherals worth locking up. Lock up your laptop, monitor, docking stations, printers and more. Noble’s T-Bar locks exceed the manufacturer’s specifications for pull strength testing.

This system also includes the patented Noble peripheral cable trap allowing you to secure your power cables or other peripheral devices.

The NG04T Noble Compact Wedge Lock comes with the lock attached to a 6 ft/1.82m reinforced steel cable, 2 keys, peripheral cable trap and a Storage Pouch. Noble offers a Two-year limited warranty on this product.

The NG04T is designed for laptops and peripherals featuring a T-Bar Lock slot. Check for compatible laptops, notebooks and peripherals.


Noble Locks guarantees that the lock you buy from will fit your laptop or desktop.

If for some reason it does not fit, please fill out this form with your order number and will replace it with the lock that fits.




T-BAR Lock Head

Need to lock up your projectors, monitors, printers, conference phones and other technology? Then utilize the traditional T-Bar Lock Head. Noble Locks has developed and patented the 7 mm inverted cylinder key that allows the lock to be narrower give a sleeker profile and greater mobility. Using tumbler lock technology creates a higher standard of security and provides IT organizations with flexible keying options.

The Ultimate Barrel Key System 

Noble Locks' 7mm barrel key system uses our patented inverted lock cylinder allows the lock to be narrower without sacrificing strength or security. Our diverse offerings enable you to secure all your devices with a Noble Wedge, T-bar, or scissor-style lock slot, or with one of our custom desktop solutions.

Barrel Key System laptop Locks Noble Locks

4 mm Hardy Stell Cable with Anchor 

Braided intertwined steel cables create a cut resistant theft determinant defense. This 6’ ft cable also has a loop to allow you additional flexibility to adopt and reinforce your connection. The 4 mm thick cable is easy to carry and allows for mobility

4 mm hardy steel cable with anchor Noble Locks

360 Degrees Head Rotation

Not only does the cable spin at every angle allow your laptop to lay flat at all times, the unique T-Bar lock head also rotates adding extra protection if someone tries to snap your lock.

Noble Locks 360 Degrees Head Rotation Laptop Locks

Noble Peripheral Trap

Secure your charger and other accessories with our patented peripheral trap. Run cable of your USB Type C, USB & HDMI accessories through the trap before inserting lock inot slot and create a secure environment for all of your technology.


Product Type Laptop
Lock Head Type T-bar
Lock Method Key
Keying Options Individually Keyed
Key Type Barrel
Combination Type N/A
Lock Heads Single
Lock Material Stainless Steel
Cable Material PVC Coated Braided Steel
Cable Length 1.8m / 6ft
Cable Diameter 4mm
Weight 99g / 3.5oz
Lock Dimensions 39.9 x 13.0 x 24.6mm
Color Silver
Warranty 2 Years limited
Package Content Cable & Lock, Peripheral Cable Trap, Storage Pouch & 2 Keys


Dell Tested & Approved

The Noble Wedge Lock is tested to withstand up to 150 pounds force. 

Competitor Model


Competitor Description

Noble Locks Part Number

ClickSafe 2.0 Keyed Lock for Dell Devices K66638WW Detachable Wedge Slot Head with straight cable TZ08T

ClickSafe® 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock K64435WW Detachable T-Bar Slot head with straight cable NG04T

ClickSafe® 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock for Nano Security Slot K68101WW Detachable Nano Slot head With straight cable NA
ClickSafe® 2.0 Universal Keyed Laptop Lock K68102WW One Lock for Any Slot
Fits standard T-bar, nano, or wedge-shaped laptop security slots, regardless of brand or generation.
ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Lock for Wedge-Shaped Lock Slot K67974WW Wedge Lock cable lock TZ08T

ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Locks K64637WW Detachable T-Bar Lock Body Cable Lock NG04T

ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Locks - Twin Lockheads K64638WW Dual T-Bar With Detachable Heads NG04DHT
ClickSafe® Round Keyed Locks - Twin Lockheads K64912S Dual T-Bar with round keys NG04DHT
Desktop & Peripherals Locking Kit - Master Access On-Demand - Master Keyed K64665US   N.A
Kensington® ClickSafe® 2.0 Portable Keyed Laptop Lock K64830S Detachable T-Bar Slot head with coiled cable NA
Keyed Dual Head Cable Lock for Surface Pro and Surface Go K66647M Keyed Dual Head Cable Lock for Surface Pro and Surface Go TZNG04DHT
MicroSaver® 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock K65042S T-Bar Cable Lock NG04T

MicroSaver® 2.0 Keyed Twin Laptop Lock K65048WW Dual T-Bar dual head Cable Lock NG04DHT
MicroSaver® 2.0 Keyed Ultra Laptop Lock K64432WW T-Bar Cable Lock with stronger cable N.A
MicroSaver® 2.0 Portable Keyed Laptop Lock K67989S T-Bar Slot Head with coiled cable N.A
MicroSaver® DS Ultra-Thin Keyed Laptop Locks K64605L T-Bar Cable Lock NG04T
MicroSaver® DS Ultra-Thin Laptop Locks - Twin Lockheads K66535M Dual T-Bar cable lock NG04DHT
MicroSaver® Keyed Laptop Lock K64068F T-Bar cable lock with plastic tie NG04T
MicroSaver® Keyed Laptop Locks - Twin Lockheads K64187FL Twin T-Bar Cable Lock NG04DHT
MiniSaver™ Mobile Keyed Lock K67890WW Cable Lock for Kensington Mini Security Slot N.A
N17 Keyed Dual Head Laptop Lock for Dell® Devices K67995WW Wedge and T-bar Dual Head Cable Lock TZNG04DHT
N17 Keyed Laptop Lock for Dell® Devices K64440WW Wedge Cable Lock



N17 Portable Keyed Lock for Dell Devices K66644WW Wedge Slot Head with coiled cable N.A
NanoSaver™ Keyed Dual Head Laptop Lock K64448WW Nano and T-Bar Dual Head Cable Lock N.A
NanoSaver™ Keyed Laptop Lock K64444WW Nano Slot Cable Lock N.A
NanoSaver™ Portable Keyed Laptop Lock K66640WW Nano Slot Head with coiled cable N.A

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