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Assurance: Domain Validation (DV)
Year: 1 Year
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GoDaddy SSL Certificate

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

Ideal for 1 personal website.*

  • Standard level of validation (recommended for personal websites).
  • Boosts Google® rankings.
  • Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption.
  • Displays trust indicator in address bar.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Auto-validation, issuance in minute


Organizational Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Ideal for 1 non-ecommerce organization (or) business website.* 
  • Higher level of validation (recommended for organizations).
  • Boosts Google® rankings.
  • Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption.
  • Displays trust indicator in address bar.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Issued in 1-3 days


Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Ideal for 1 ecommerce website.*
  • The highest level of validation (recommended for ecommerce).
  • Boosts Google® rankings.
  • Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption.
  • Displays trust indicator in address bar.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Issued in 1-5 days


Did you know an SSL certificate can improve SEO?

That’s right, Google now uses SSL as a ranking signal in their search algorithm, so that HTTPS or SSL-secured websites are ranked higher than non-secure sites.

Google’s so focused on security, in July of 2018, the Chrome browser started including “not secure” notices on all websites that lack a proper SSL certificate.

If your business relies on organic search from Google, an SSL certificate is an immediate necessity.


A website without a security certificate is a serious risk

One site, two sites, three sites or 100. Regardless of the size of your business’s online footprint, choosing the right security certificate is critical to keeping your website secure. It can also lead to significant time and cost savings, boost your Google ranking, and help you establish trust.

Just like you, your customers expect to see that you care enough about their security and privacy to provide them with a secure visit — free from prying eyes ready to steal personal or financial information.

How can you provide this experience? It all begins by choosing GoDaddy as your Certificate Authority. All GoDaddy SSL Certificates offer the strongest SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption and hands-on support from our security experts.


godaddy ssl

Which SSL certificate is best for your business?

As the above infographic illustrates, there are a number of SSL certificates available. But how do business owners select the best SSL certificate for their needs? Let’s explore the options below.

Option #1: Wildcard SSL Certificate

Before you begin, take into consideration how your web presence is organized. Does your business have a single web address such as, or do you also provide a mobile site at, a store at and perhaps a link to Each of these will require SSL protection.

With a single WildCard SSL Certificate you can provide just that.


Your common name and an unlimited number of related subdomains will be secured to the same level, making your visitors’ experience consistent.


Option #2: Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

If your websites include variations beyond subdomains, you’ll want to consider requesting a Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate. This option is perfect if you manage a stable of websites with geo-based domains or a variety of top level domains (TLDs), such as .com, .eu, .biz or .shop.

Also referred to as Unified Communication Certificate SSLs, the basic version of a Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate covers up to five websites. Up to 100 websites can be covered for an additional fee. Whenever you host three sites or more, the savings can add up quickly.


Option #3: Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

While each GoDaddy SSL Certificate provides a level of trust, the grandaddy of them all is the EV SSL Certificate. In addition to the padlock icon that appears in the browser indicating the site is HTTPS, the entire browser bar changes to green.

The green bar tells visitors that your business has endured a stringent, quality-assurance process.


In other words, it’s not just encryption for your eCommerce transactions. It’s a way to establish credibility as a legitimate business.


Option #4: Organization Validation (OV) SSL

Security-wise, informational business websites with a single domain name need no more than a Standard SSL for domain verification. To boost consumer confidence, however, a non-eCommerce site can benefit greatly from an Organization Validation (OV) SSL.

The familiar padlock will appear in the browser letting guests know they can enter passwords, submit contact information, or send donations to support your cause. Stand out from the rest by showing your site visitors that they can rest easy. It’s similar to the EV SSL Certificate, just conveniently scaled down for both needs and cost.


Let’s talk levels

Standard DV SSL are best for blogs and social websites. They validate domain ownership and provide a $100,000 warranty against compromises.

Deluxe OV SSL are best for business and organizations because they validate both the site and the organization behind it. They provide a $250,000 warranty against compromises.

Premium EV SSL are best for eCommerce websites. They validate domain ownership and provide top-level verification, including the High Assurance green address bar, along with a $1,000,000 warranty against compromises.


Types of SSL Certificates

  • Domain Validated Certificates (DV Standard SSL) 
  • Organization Validated Certificates (OV Deluxe SSL)
  • Extended Validation Certificates (EV Premium SSL)
  • Multi Sub-Domains - Wildcard SSL Certificate 
  • Multi-Domains - Subject Alternative Name (SAN) or Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) SSL Certificate


Domain Validation DV Organization Validation OV Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate

Multi-Domains - Subject Alternative Name (SAN) or Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) SSL Certificate

A multi-domain, Subject Alternative Name certificate (SAN) or Unified Communication Certificate (UCC) SSL offers the same encryption as other SSL certificates while protecting multiple domains, subdomains and environments. You can use one SAN Certificate to secure multiple site names, like, and for example.

Protect up to 100 websites.

Our basic multi-domain SAN SSL Certificate secures 5 websites (a primary domain plus 4 additional websites) with 2048-bit encryption, the strongest on the market. Got more than 5 websites? Cover them all for an added fee

Save money and time.

A SAN SSL Certificate not only costs less than buying separate SSLs for each site, it saves time. You can manage security for up to 100 websites from a single dashboard.


Multi Sub-Domains - Wildcard SSL Certificate 

A single Wildcard SSL certificate encrypts data submitted to a single website ( and all its related subdomains (,, Serious savings on unlimited subdomains.

Strongest encryption on earth.

A GoDaddy Wildcard Certificate feature SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – the strongest in the world. Hackers beware.

Covers unlimited servers.

One GoDaddy Wildcard Certificate secures unlimited servers and subdomains, all from a single dashboard.


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