Delta RT Series Single Phase Tower/Rackmount 2U Online UPS 1k/2k/3k kVA RT1K RT2K RT3K incl. ear bracket, rail kit (Pre-Order Lead Time 2-3 Weeks)

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Model (Power Rating): RT1K (1kVA/0.9kW)
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Delta RT Series Single Phase Tower/Rackmount 2U Online UPS 1k/2k/3k kVA incl. ear bracket, rail kit 

Reliable power with greater energy-saving features

The Amplon RT 1-3kVA series is an online double-conversion UPS providing consistent sine-wave power to your critical equipment. It supports personal computers, networks, servers, VoIP and telecommunications. The Amplon RT 1-3kVA series features an output power factor of 0.9 and best-in-class AC-AC efficiency up to 94% resulting in greater energy savings. Optional external battery pack can be connected for longer backup time to keep your applications safe and running smoothly at all times.




  • True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery ensure high reliability.
  • Watch-dog design of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) increases reliability.
  • Cold-start capability provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out.
  • Fan failure detection alerts users to failed fans.
  • Hot swappable batteries ensure continuous operation even when batteries are being replaced.
  • Optional external battery pack for easy scaling of longer backup time.
  • Operation temperature tolerance up to 50°C ensures critical loads' continuity
  • High output power factor 0.9 provides more real power to critical loads.

Green & Low TCO

  • High input power factor (pf > 0.99) and low harmonic distortion (iTHD < 5%) save upstream investment.
  • Up to 94% AC-AC efficiency and 97% efficiency in ECO mode result in marked energy cost savings.
  • Wide input voltage range reduces the chance of using the battery and extends battery life.
  • Intelligent battery management sustains battery life and performance.
  • Fan speed control by load level maximizes efficiency and reduces audible noise.


  • Load segment control allows less-critical loads to be disconnected during blackouts and saves battery runtime for important loads.
  • Convertible rack and tower configuration in 2U size cabinet.
  • Excellent local communications through rotatable LCD display.
  • Intelligent management software connectivity via RS232 or USB port.




RT-1K / RT-2K / RT-3K

Power Rating

RT-1K: 1kVA / 0.9kW 
RT-2K: 2kVA/ 1.8kW 
RT-3K: 3kVA/ 2.7kW

Nominal Voltage : 200*/208*/220/230/240Vac
Voltage Range : 175~280Vac (full load)
120~175Vac (70~100% load)
Frequency : 40~70Hz
Power Factor : > 0.99 (full load)
Current Harmonic Distortion : < 5%

Power Factor : 0.9
Voltage : 200*/208*/220/230/240Vac
Voltage Regulation : ± 1% (linear load)
Frequency : 50/60Hz ± 0.05Hz
Voltage Harmonic Distortion : < 2% (linear load)

Overload Capability
< 105%: Continuous
105~125%: 1 minute
125~150%: 15 seconds

RT-1K: IEC C13 x 6
RT-2K/3K: IEC C13 x 6, IEC C19 x 1

RT-1K: 90%
RT-2K/3K: Up to 94%

ECO Mode
RT-1K: 96%
RT-2K/3K: Up to 97%


Battery Voltage
RT-1K: 24Vdc 
RT-2K: 48Vdc 
RT-3K: 72Vdc

Typical Backup Time**
RT-1K: 6.5 minutes
RT-2K/3K: 7 minutes

Charge Current
RT-1K: 1.5A
RT-2K/3K: 2A

Recharge Time
3 hours to 90%

Audible Noise
RT-1K: < 40dBA
RT-2K: < 43dBA
RT-3K: < 46dBA
Display : LCD display and LED indicators
Interfaces : SMART Slot x 1, RS-232 Port x 1, USB Port x 1, REPO x 1
Conformance : CE, TISI, RCM, EAC

Dimensions (W x D x H)
RT-1K: 440 x 335 x 89mm 
RT-2K: 440 x 432 x 89mm 
RT-3K: 440 x 610 x 89mm

External Battery Pack
RT-1K: 440 x 335 x 89mm 
RT-2K: 440 x 432 x 89mm 
RT-3K: 440 x 610 x 89mm

RT-1K: 12kg 
RT-2K: 18kg 
RT-3K: 28kg

External Battery Pack
RT-1K: 15kg 
RT-2K: 27kg 
RT-3K: 44kg

Operating Temperature : 0~50°C***

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