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Tracker Enhanced OCR Plugin

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Tracker Enhanced OCR Plugin

The Enhanced OCR Plugin is the most accurate and fastest OCR engine that Tracker Software Products have ever released. It utilizes multi-threaded processing and recognizes sytlistic elements of text, as well as tables, in source documents - and can create PDFs according to multiple user-specified output options. It auto-detects and corrects image skew in scanned documents and contains a range of additional features in comparison to the default OCR engine. If you are looking for dynamic and seamless optical charater recognition for your documents, then you have come to the right place - please see below for further information.

The Enhanced OCR Plugin is an optional plugin that you can choose to add to PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus, PDF-Tools or the PDF-XChange PRO bundle at any time.

The new Enhanced OCR plugin includes the following highly-anticipated features that extend the OCR functionality of our dynamic PDF-XChange products:

  • The Enhanced OCR Plugin character recognition is more accurate and significantly faster than the default OCR engine - usually between two and three times as fast.
  • The Enhanced OCR Plugin recognizes stylistic elements of text such as the Font, Color, Bold, Italic, Strikeout and Underline values.
  • The Enhanced OCR Plugin recognizes Tables in source documents and inserts them, along with converted text, into output documents.
  • The Enhanced OCR Plugin can create PDFs with "Editable Images and Text" - which replaces image-based text in source documents with standard, editable text.
  • The Enhanced OCR Plugin can create PDFs with "Fine Page Content" - which replaces the original page content with new content that contains only text and images recognized during the process of OCR.
  • The Enhanced OCR Plugin features Multi-Threaded Processing, which enables OCR to be performed on multiple pages in parallel threads. Users that have machines with multiple processors/cores can enjoy a significant reduction in the time taken to OCR large documents - usually at least twice as fast as the default OCR engine.
  • The new, embedded utility 'ResourcesUpdater' makes it possible to install new (or update existing) OCR languages without having to restart the application.
  • The new feature "Auto-Detect Image Skew" automatically detects image skews (up to +- 45 degrees) and/or incorrect page rotations (90, 180 or 270 degrees) in scanned documents.
  • The new feature "Correct Auto-Detected Image skew" corrects image skews and incorrect page rotations that the "Auto-Detect Image Skew" feature identifies.

Our user-friendly functionality is diverse enough to meet the needs of all practitioners from novices to professionals. Please see below for an extensive list of all available features and functionality.