Intel® NUC Bean Canyon Gen 8

What It Is: The new Intel® NUCs bring desktop performance in a compact form factor for enthusiasts of all levels to use anywhere.

The new Intel NUC kits (NUC8i3BEHNUC8i5BEH and NUC8i7BEH), formerly code-named Bean Canyon) are based on the 8th Gen Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors (formerly code-named Coffee Lake-U) featuring Intel Iris® graphics with eDRAM that can power home theater systems, drive content creator boxes and serve as a personal voice assistant. The new Intel NUC kits allow integrators and DIYers to customize with their choice of storage, memory and operating system. With this flexibility, the Intel NUC kits offer a range of price/performance options to meet most mainstream users’ needs in an ultra-small form factor.

Why It’s Important: Intel NUCs are mini PCs that offer high-performance capabilities in a space-saving design and are perfectly suited for home theater, home office, entry-level gaming or as a replacement for desktops when space is a concern. These new NUCs offer a number of new options that will fit a wide range of computing needs.

How You Get It: The new Intel NUC kits and Intel NUC mini PCs will be available worldwide through Intel distributors and through online retailers beginning in September.


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