Buy Server Rack

In Singapore, Server racks are designed and built to house servers (like HP, Dell, Lenovo and IBM) , computers, monitors, network equipment (like network switches, router, firewall , UPS, NAS, KVM switches, patch panels)

In Singapore, the most common server rack is the 42U 19 inch Server Rack Cabinet.

It is important to know the server rack’s specification or dimension as a server like IBM can only mount in a server rack with a depth of 1000mm. Besides that, you also need to know how many shelves to buy to house the unmountable network equipment.

Most Server racks do not come with any installation guide. But, as a good practice, it is good to remove all front and back door and the 2 side panels before you start mounting servers in the server rack. Some rack mount equipment may not come standard with railing kit. You may have to purchase it separately.

Why we should consider to buy new Server Rack ?

Some people like to buy new and some people are happy to settle with a used or 2nd hand server rack.

  • Fans are no longer working and need to be replaced (estimated cost – $200-$300)

  • Cost of Relocation of the Bulky Server Rack (estimated cost – $100-$150)

  • Potential slight damage to the server rack that could produce loud vibrations due to the high speed rotational fan.

Why do we need to know before buying a Server rack?

Criteria to consider when choosing a suitable server rack

  • Height of Server Rack (For better scalability, it is better to buy at least 42U)

  • Depth of Server Rack (All Lenovo/IBM Rack Mount Servers need 1000mm)

  • Security Front Door – Glass, Perforated

  • Type of Security Lock

  • Temperature – Air Flow

  • Server Rack Design

  • Easy Access to replace fans (need to replace 2-5 years depends on environment)

  • Easy Access to rack mount equipment for troubleshooting

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